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Starting up? Growing? Moving premises? All these scenarios provide an ideal opportunity to review your system needs and to make sure they are ready to support your business and it’s growth into the future. – and we can make it all hassle-free.

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What we can
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The 1st Byte team can install new servers, upgrade your old set-up or simply support what you’ve already got. Working closely with Dell and HP, we’ll provide you with a server that fulfills your business needs today – and is also ready for when your business grows and thrives.

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We Set Up Windows Server For You

Your business must be working on a level of computers working simultaneously by different users or employees in the office. This requires a common server through which all of the daily life tasks are done and a central hub is created where the processing for common tasks is done. This server provides an application that is required to be run on the server making the connection possible between common devices or different devices with the same use case. At 1st-bye, we do everything ranging from the basics to the server set-ups as mentioned above. Running a business gets easier with us as we provide IT solutions for your business and computer problems in an instant. Do not wait, check us out today itself.

Start-ups’ Server Set-ups

At 1st-byte, we understand the value of new businesses along with the amount of effort, time, and resources it takes to build an empire of your own. We value the start-up game and will serve your start-up with the best-in-class IT solutions for every IT-related problem that you face. Setting up a brand new place, unknown to every kind of technical error possibility is a common thing to notice, hence we as IT solution providers, work for getting the new windows server set up for the new place that soon is going to bloom into a bigger business and IT needs. So, take your start-up game to the next level by letting us install a windows web server for your start-up office premises to increase your business’ client base fast.

Growing Businesses Are Fun To Work With

An ambition that is in the process of blooming, a business that started doing business to grow one day and increase its client base if gets wings, then it is the best feeling in the whole world, both for the business and us. If your business is seeing growth at an early stage, then you must be planning to expand your workspace, for which you will need a fresh new computer set-up. We at 1st-byte make sure to set up the windows web server at your office which is a classic requirement to be fulfilled for a growing business. Setting up a new office workspace, computers, and servers inside it is where we excel and are passionate about doing, so check us out today and get your growing business new wings to fly higher.

A Successful Business? We’ll Serve You Too

After every start-up and growth phase of a business, there comes a phase where your client base must be established, and you must have a constant cash flow coming in for reinvestment and personal finance purposes. All the big businesses require a window server and quite a few IT solutions for everyday computer errors. We at 1st-byte make sure that any issue related to the hardware or the software part of the computer gets resolved in minutes, letting you work at your best pace and at a constant rate. We’ll set up a window server at your office, fast enough to run applications on your fellow computers like a charm, and let you perform every possible productivity task at a high success rate.

Featured Windows & Apple Mac Server Service

A new workspace can be a tough task to complete setting up and an even tougher task to do is to set up the windows servers. A windows server needs to be installed in the office to enable common applications to run on the connection of computers through the server. Setting this up can be a task in itself on your own, resulting in higher failure levels, hence choose 1st-byte to do the same job for you in an efficient manner with a 100% success rate and guarantee of satisfaction. Not just the windows servers and server windows, but we set up whole new system connectivity across your office. We specialize in improving and repairing computers through our well-experienced technician’s knowledge and the premium quality spare parts we use to replace the stock ones. We believe in providing a single solution to all of your complex problems. Don’t believe us? Try us by taking our services today, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

One-Stop Solution For IT Problems: Windows & Apple Mac Servers

We don’t want you to navigate from company to company for different kinds of hardware and software issues. Instead, we created a company, 1st-byte, that is there for you, available to serve you with any kind of IT problems your business faces. All of the common problems like network reception issues, computer slowing down, performance issues, stutters, and regular restarting of the computer on their own can be a cause for your business to lose clients and the employees to be less productive throughout the work hour, just because of small IT issues. We as a customer-oriented company understand this issue of your company and work to better your client base and make your business more efficient through properly working computers.

Windows Server Hosting Is Our Specialty:

All the servers windows are set up by us, making the day-to-day tasks of your business better and more efficient. May it be a new office where a new windows server hosting needs to be set up or an old office facing issues in the server’s windows, we do them all. Our company provides the best-in-class services for windows servers that will help your employees be more productive and you earn more money and client respect. Call us today and get your office ready with new hosting, for a better future for your business.

Why Choose Us?

1st-byte is a company having professional technicians who are trained well and experienced to install windows servers throughout your office, making us a reputed and reliable brand whom you can trust with a blindfold. We work for you and make your business better and that’s what separates us from the rest. So, call us today and take our services to validate our claims to be real.

  • “1st Byte are always professional, helpful and reliable – and on one occasion, arranged for a totally destroyed hard drive’s data to be fully retrieved, saving us a small fortune!”

  • “1st Byte has exceeded our expectations on several occasions – I would highly recommend them and will continue to use the service.”

  • “We look for like-minded companies when working on any project and have been wholly impressed with both your service levels and customer service. The switch-over from all our IT systems from existing suppliers to yourselves was seamless, with everything explained so that even I could understand what was going on! The ongoing support has been fantastic, with any problems sorted out unbelievably quickly.”

  • “I’d like to say a big thank you to you and Tom & your employees for retrieving my precious files. As you know my external hard drive fried, possible caused by a power surge. I’m grateful that your team had the skills & knowledge to be able to strip down the casing of the hard drive and salvage the files. Well done to your team & I must also add that they were extremely accommodating and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your company to anyone in need of IT experts like yourselves. "

  • “ would like to thank you for your help recently when the York Against Cancer hard drive failed. A member of your staff came out identified the problem, lent us a temporary drive and then came back to replace with a brand new hard drive. This could have caused considerable business disruption but because of 1st bytes efficiency York Against Cancer suffered minimal down time. 1st byte always do what they say they’re going to do, on time and professionally."