Windows & Apple Mac Repairs

Windows & Apple Mac Repairs

When a computer isn’t working efficiently it starts to cost your business money by being inefficient, slow or just by holding up your staff. With the help of 1st Byte you can make sure that loss of productivity is kept to a minimum. Our team use certified diagnostic tools and years of experience to make sure that your desktop, laptop and server computers running as smooth as possible. When they don’t we are here to fix them as soon as possible, and sometimes before you even know that they are broken!

Computer Repair-1st Byte: IT & Telecoms

What we can
do for you …

We’ll zip round to your place of work and either fix the computer there or simply take it away and drop it back to you all fixed and healthy. Our in-house workshop is fully equipped with state of the art hardware and software for both Windows and Apple Mac systems to repair or replace:

  • Laptop screens
  • Hard drives
  • Keyboards
  • Motherboards
  • Power supplies

Please feel free to contact us today to arrange an onsite visit or collection of your computer.

Computers Are Sensitive To Damages

Computers are the most valuable asset that your company would have. With the workflow that can be created by the productivity tasks performed on a computer, it can be a huge asset that has a direct relation to the profitability of a company. If the computer system, may it be a Mac or a Windows machine, gets damaged, then it can be a big problem for the company’s overall performance and productivity. Hence, all aspects of the critical nature of problems must be taken into consideration and get IT service by 1st-bye ready to take action. May it be hardware issues that can be visible to the eyes or software issues, 1st-byte provides an instant solution to every problem of your computer and makes your business earn more profits.

Featured Windows & Apple Mac Repairs Service

Knowing that computers are critical to internal damage and are vulnerable to virus attacks, we as an IT repair brand make sure to cover all of the possible problems and provide solutions to every problem that might seem impossible to solve by other companies. We, at 1st-byte, provide an instant solution to all of the problems, especially for macs that are not very easy to repair. May it be hardware problems or software issues, if your productivity machine is suffering from any of those, we provide an instant and effective solution to every one of them. In addition to all the goodies in services and products that we offer, we also provide a seller warranty from our end to make you confident about your purchase and stay tension free from all of the possible issues in the time to come. Looking for apple mac repairs near me? We are here to help.

Ask “Apple Mac Repair Near Me” and we are here:

Apple MacBook is one of the best-selling laptop devices in the market when it comes to production machines. With the best-in-class functionality and top-notch features inside the computer, the apple MacBooks are one of the best when it comes to office work. Along with being the best performer, the MacBook comes with a series of issues that might come in the future after using them for a while to get the work done. But, when 1st-bye is there to help you, why need to worry? We are equipped with the best servicemen available in the market so make sure that your MacBook gets serviced and repaired in no time. May it be keyboard issues, motherboard getting damaged, wifi signals getting dropped, or anything else, we repair them all.

Apple Mac Screen Repair:

May it be a normal interaction with the computer while watching some videos on Netflix, or doing all the productivity tasks related to work, the only constant hardware part that is present every time is the screen of the mac computer. You interact with the computer using a screen and when it gets damaged, your heart gets broken. If your mac computer’s screen is damaged, you need not worry about the repair part of it as we at 1st-bye are here to help you to get the screen back on the hinges and serve you perfectly well for the time being. We repair all the damaged screens, broken displays, and discoloured or dented displays and replace them if they are not in the condition being repaired. All the high-quality screens and displays are available to buy and replace for your mac to run perfectly fine and make you extra productive for the business to earn more profit. Hence, if you are looking for a mac screen repair apple service, and that too with the best-in-class premium quality spare parts, 1st-byte is here to help.

Damaged Motherboards Can Cause Issues:

Suppose you are sitting in your office doing all of your regular productivity tasks and you notice that the performance of your laptop is not enough. You must wonder what part is damaged in the laptop that is causing issues in performance. In most cases, the motherboard of the device has been damaged resulting in a compromise that causes trouble in daily-life tasks. Make sure to get your device evaluated through 1st-byte where the experienced servicemen will make sure to give you the exact value and advice to be followed, for your laptop to function properly. The motherboard is changed at a nominal cost, making your business run at a better pace than before and getting the production tasks done in less time and in a more efficient manner. Choose the best apple mac repair service in the form of 1st-byte and stay confident about your purchase.

Network Transistors, Storage Drives, And Many More:

Many times network transistors are damaged which results in the network coverage of a computer dropping and you might face issues in connecting to wifi networks. This can be a serious concern for people who require a fast internet connection to perform daily-life tasks. If your mac doesn’t provide you with a good amount of network speeds or you see a constant drop in network bars, consider 1st-byte to replace the network transistors, making your network speeds skyrocket. Sometimes storage speeds drop too, in that case, what you need to do is to contact us and replace your hard disks and SSD with new and faster ones. This will increase the app opening times on your computer and save you some time in daily life. So, no longer look for more apple mac repairs york, as 1st-byte gets you covered with everything ranging from great replacement of displays to storage drives.

Why Choose Us?

We at 1st-byte make sure to provide you with best-in-class replacement parts and spare parts. All of the spare parts that we install on your mac are better than the original ones; hence, there is no need to worry about the quality levels of the parts we offer as we genuinely serve you with the best spare parts, that too with a warranty. Wait no more and call us today, to get your mac serviced at the best possible rates.

  • “1st Byte are always professional, helpful and reliable – and on one occasion, arranged for a totally destroyed hard drive’s data to be fully retrieved, saving us a small fortune!”

  • “1st Byte has exceeded our expectations on several occasions – I would highly recommend them and will continue to use the service.”

  • “We look for like-minded companies when working on any project and have been wholly impressed with both your service levels and customer service. The switch-over from all our IT systems from existing suppliers to yourselves was seamless, with everything explained so that even I could understand what was going on! The ongoing support has been fantastic, with any problems sorted out unbelievably quickly.”

  • “I’d like to say a big thank you to you and Tom & your employees for retrieving my precious files. As you know my external hard drive fried, possible caused by a power surge. I’m grateful that your team had the skills & knowledge to be able to strip down the casing of the hard drive and salvage the files. Well done to your team & I must also add that they were extremely accommodating and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your company to anyone in need of IT experts like yourselves. "

  • “ would like to thank you for your help recently when the York Against Cancer hard drive failed. A member of your staff came out identified the problem, lent us a temporary drive and then came back to replace with a brand new hard drive. This could have caused considerable business disruption but because of 1st bytes efficiency York Against Cancer suffered minimal down time. 1st byte always do what they say they’re going to do, on time and professionally."