Office Startups & Office Relocations

Office Startups & Re-locations

Starting a new business or moving to new premises is stressful at the best of times, but it is not something you have to do alone. We work with businesses like yours to remove the stress and let you focus on the positivity of your new venture or growth.

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So what are we working with? A blank canvas or an office that’s already installed with a labyrinth of cables? Wherever you’re going, our trained technicians will work with you to design and relocate your computer systems – either during or outside office hours.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you set up or move your office more easily, getting your business up and operating again quickly and hassle-free.

Startup Office Space Is Crucial:

Starting up a business, totally new without any prior knowledge about the systems and spaces is a task in itself to do. May it be a newbie in the business domain itself or a newbie in a particular area of business, a startup office space can be a game changer in the case of productivity and the work environment. If the new office space has a good environment, then you will find yourself working better and at a faster pace. All the elements in the environment add up to create a vibe that sets the tone for the people who work at that particular place. This vibe can be both positive or negative, depending on the surroundings and how well the startup office space is decorated or formed. So, relocation can be a task to perform but in the end, if it provides benefits in the productivity and environment perspective, consider taking the hard step.

1st-byte, The Office Relocation Company:

We at 1st-byte understand the importance of great office space and working in an environment that supports the work and mind that gets involved in doing daily life productivity tasks. No matter how great the relocation of an office may sound, there are only a few people who dare to do it, just because of the hard work that is required in moving all the machines, work technologies and people to a whole new place. As an office relocation company, we make sure that all of the necessary assets inside the old startup office are collected and rearranged inside the new startup office. An office relocation company is a title that we wear like armour, for reassembling all the network and IT devices installed at the old workspace to the newer one. We are here to help, in setting up the tone for the new office, and to make the most out of the work done by the employees in the new space.

Office Relocation Services By 1st Byte:

Office relocation is not an easy task to perform. Not just a task but even thinking and planning for relocating an office is a major step to take and a high level of planning and road mapping needs to be done for the successful completion of the planned stuff. We at 1st Byte, understand the hustle of relocation of the office and hence provide office relocation service where we disassemble all the network devices present in the old office like the internet connection modems, routers, the computer network systems, the servers that are present containing the data required by the fellow computers on board with it, the CPU cabinets, wires and cables that make the network connection possible within different devices all over the office. All of the disassemblies of these devices are done by us and also reassemble the same in the new space.

Just Sit Back And Relax:

All of the hassle and hassle has to be done by us, while you sit back in the chair, relax and do all of your daily life activities and productivity tasks, while we make sure that all of the disassemblies are done in an ordered manner at your office that needs relocation. Our top-notch servicemen, trained and experienced in the field of IT are present and take the responsibility of moving your computer system to the new place without any damage or loss of hardware or data. We want you to stay tension-free if you chose us for relocating your office to a newer place. All of the hard work we do is for your benefit and peace of mind, which is the end goal of our company. Unlike other office relocation companies, we make sure that you are involved in creating a roadmap for the office relocation process and no further. The other office relocation companies are barely concerned about your peace of mind, and unlike them, we try to create a step-by-step process for your office to be relocated properly and without any damage or possibility of damage.

IT Relocation Services:

We as an IT-specific company know the features of the particular sector. We know how frequently you might have to move from one place to another for moving your office, even from a certain city to another in most cases. For fulfilling all of your office moving needs, we provide extra benefits and attention for IT companies in the form of IT relocation services. A big part of the office relocation services that we offer depends on how big the old and the new office is, and we plan according to the same, as in how much labour will be needed and what budget should you plan to invest.

Office Relocation Services Benefits:

All the office IT relocation services provided by 1st-byte are present to take off the extra load of the office relocation from your shoulders. You must have peace of mind and a healthy work-life even when your office is moving or shifting to a new place. The office IT relocation services must be chosen to stay peaceful, even with all the hassle happening around the workplace. Also, letting us handle your peace of a load of shifting and moving allows you to focus more on the tasks that require your attention more than anything, like handling clients and not compromising on work. Also besides every bit of mental peace that you get by letting us do the hard work, you get your office relocation service done at a cheap cost. What else would you want more?

Why Choose Us?

Providing the best office relocation service around the market, we make sure that your mental health stays intact while our team of experienced servicemen gets your new setup ready at your new place. We work for your benefit and provide over-the-top class services. We as an IT office relocation service provider never compromise on the quality of work and are always up for new challenges. Hence, why wait until you can call us today and experience the best-in-class office relocation service?

  • “1st Byte are always professional, helpful and reliable – and on one occasion, arranged for a totally destroyed hard drive’s data to be fully retrieved, saving us a small fortune!”

  • “1st Byte has exceeded our expectations on several occasions – I would highly recommend them and will continue to use the service.”

  • “We look for like-minded companies when working on any project and have been wholly impressed with both your service levels and customer service. The switch-over from all our IT systems from existing suppliers to yourselves was seamless, with everything explained so that even I could understand what was going on! The ongoing support has been fantastic, with any problems sorted out unbelievably quickly.”

  • “I’d like to say a big thank you to you and Tom & your employees for retrieving my precious files. As you know my external hard drive fried, possible caused by a power surge. I’m grateful that your team had the skills & knowledge to be able to strip down the casing of the hard drive and salvage the files. Well done to your team & I must also add that they were extremely accommodating and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your company to anyone in need of IT experts like yourselves. "

  • “ would like to thank you for your help recently when the York Against Cancer hard drive failed. A member of your staff came out identified the problem, lent us a temporary drive and then came back to replace with a brand new hard drive. This could have caused considerable business disruption but because of 1st bytes efficiency York Against Cancer suffered minimal down time. 1st byte always do what they say they’re going to do, on time and professionally."