Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing isn’t the future of business computing, because it is here now!

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Cloud computing gives you all the benefits of a server – but without the high cost. With state of the art support, our cloud computing servers will grow with your business.

Whether you need a home Sage or a data server to store important documents, we can provide the specification you need – with built in peace of mind.

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Cloud Computing Service Benefits:

Many people talk about cloud computing and use it indirectly, without knowing what it is. Cloud computing can be explained in a very simple language using an example. If you own a business, suppose you need a server that is physically present in your office, occupying a reasonable amount of space in the workspace. Doesn’t it sound like a waste of space in the office? To rectify this loophole in the office space, cloud computing is used in which there is no need for a server to be physically present in the workspace and every bit of data required by the on-network computers is accessed through the internet from cloud hosting servers. This is used to save a lot of resources and scale the new technology to a higher level.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing services are of huge benefit to people who look for an online space to store their data and are carefree about losing their physical data at once in case of any mishappening. Cloud computing has all the benefits in the world with almost zero disadvantages. Some of the best features of cloud computing are given below.

  • Maintenance free: Cloud computing service providers are responsible for maintaining the storage devices and regulating the data inside them. You as a business owner who does not need any kind of physical burden of servers would be happy to know that cloud computing service providers must have the infrastructure required to serve millions of users like you to store the data in their storage units and maintain it themselves. You will not be responsible for wasting some extra space on the storage devices and servers in your workspace.
  • Best-In-Class Interface: User experience matters to us, at 1st-byte and we make sure to provide our users with a unique user interface and make sure they can access their data from the cloud servers easily and in an efficient manner. The user has the freedom to mould the usage of cloud computing and freely choose and change the usage pattern of their cloud computing. Alterations in the usage can be done easily, giving the user more options, a better interface, and staying connected to the cloud services for a long time.
  • Pay As Per Your Use: With the computing cloud, you have the freedom of using the amount of space that you require, not more, not less. You pay exactly the right amount of money for the amount of storage that you use. If you use 10GB, you will be charged for 10GB itself, not for purchasing 1TB of space and using less. This can be pocket friendly for you and you must find yourself spending less amount of money in storage that you might not even use fully.
  • No limits On Scalability: With no caps on the storage amount of data because of limitless storage units that can be stored by any of the cloud computing providers, there are no caps on the scalability factor. Cloud computing is the future, and nobody can deny it, just because of the simple scalability factor that provides unlimited storage to the user who can use the cloud space to store data, save some space in the office and transfer the required data through cloud servers at an ease.

All The Cloud Computer Services At Fingertips:

With a diversified service portfolio at 1st-byte, we provide all kinds of services that you might need for cloud computing. There is more than 1 cloud computing solutions available and you might choose any or all of them for taking maximum benefits out of the same.

  • Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS): A type of cloud service is IAAS, in which the infrastructure or a raw structure of required resources is prepared. IAAS is quite useful for certain kinds of businesses, that just need the resources. Storage units, data processing power, network, and much more are a part of IAAS. So, if you think you need these, check us out and let us serve you in the best possible manner.
  • Platform As A Service (PAAS): The second type of cloud computing service is PAAS, in which the platform player is used as a service provider. A unique platform is provided to the server where the end user can access the data and the server can upload the data. All kinds of database management systems, software development kits, and web servers are involved to provide cloud computing services.
  • Software As A Service (SAAS): The software-as-a-service model is the last kind of cloud computing where the application layer is used as a service. The application, where the user can communicate with the services through an interface present that establishes an interactive and appropriate relationship between the user who needs the data from the servers containing it.

1st-byte Service Acceleration:

No matter how diversified the cloud computing services are, the only constant thing is the flow of data from servers to the end user’s device at a constant rate. This flow of data from one end to the other might take some time if some tricks are not used rightly, just like using cloud computing acceleration services by 1st-byte. We help your data flow to be smooth, fast, and efficient at the same time, making your business productive and making more money. With the fast data transfer, you will save some time which will allow you to have the freedom of switching tasks to be more productive and handle your clients efficiently. Try out our cloud computing acceleration today and see the benefits yourself.

Why Choose Us?

At 1st-byte, we understand the shift of traditional server hosting to cloud computing and we work for the same. Imbibing the modern use case of data storage on clouds is something that we excel in, making us ahead of the competition. We work for the betterment of your business and genuinely want you to earn the most out of the hard work you put into handling the clients through the data on the cloud. Try us out today, and we make sure never to disappoint you.

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  • “1st Byte has exceeded our expectations on several occasions – I would highly recommend them and will continue to use the service.”

  • “We look for like-minded companies when working on any project and have been wholly impressed with both your service levels and customer service. The switch-over from all our IT systems from existing suppliers to yourselves was seamless, with everything explained so that even I could understand what was going on! The ongoing support has been fantastic, with any problems sorted out unbelievably quickly.”

  • “I’d like to say a big thank you to you and Tom & your employees for retrieving my precious files. As you know my external hard drive fried, possible caused by a power surge. I’m grateful that your team had the skills & knowledge to be able to strip down the casing of the hard drive and salvage the files. Well done to your team & I must also add that they were extremely accommodating and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your company to anyone in need of IT experts like yourselves. "

  • “ would like to thank you for your help recently when the York Against Cancer hard drive failed. A member of your staff came out identified the problem, lent us a temporary drive and then came back to replace with a brand new hard drive. This could have caused considerable business disruption but because of 1st bytes efficiency York Against Cancer suffered minimal down time. 1st byte always do what they say they’re going to do, on time and professionally."