VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a low cost way to make phone calls using the internet instead of a landline.

Using VoIP, you can make and receive calls from people with landlines, mobile phone users and other VoIP users – and you don’t even need to change your number.

VoIP Business Telephone Systems

What we can
do for you …

Our hosted VoIP systems can be implemented in many ways:

  • A software program installed on your computer and used with a headset.
  • An adaptor used to convert a regular analogue home phone.
  • A dedicated VoIP phone – these look and act like regular phones but have specific inbuilt technology to allow VoIP
    VoIP is very cost effective, with line rental from as little as £1.99 per month. Another bonus is that we can transfer existing numbers onto the hosted platform, so you benefit from the low costs without having to remarket your telephone number.

A hosted VoIP telephony system has all the features of a conventional system, with added flexibility of working from any location. It simply runs over your standard broadband connection.

Please contact us today to find out how a VoIP system could work for your business.

Increase The Client Interaction Quality With Calls:

No matter how many social media companies may come, go or exist, the satisfaction of speaking over calls and resolving issues by speaking the required language and communicating from mouth to mouth is over anything else. You may not get the same quality of customer interaction as speaking over the phone. We, at 1st byte, believe in the supremacy of interaction over the calls and always are up to serve you with the best quality of calls through our in-line and other internet calling services. Using the newer technologies for calling purposes in your business can turn out to be beneficial for you, as it saves a lot of costs and at the same time provides higher quality audio to the receiver ends. Internet calling is the future and present, make sure to use it in your office to stay up-to-date with newer technologies and always be on top.

VOIP Internet Calling:

Ever imagined using the internet about the capabilities of the medium that is just used for surfing and browsing through a few websites and checking out social media handles? There is a huge use case of the internet which is not just limited to scrolling the browser and surfing along online shopping websites. The Internet can be used for calling purposes too, which can be a great benefit for your business if you want your devices to have just a single broadband connection that would be used for both calling as well as internet access purposes. VOIP, also known as voice over internet protocol is the new gen technology for speaking over the internet on calls. 1st-byte provides VOIP telephone systems that come pre-installed with VOIP systems that make calling over the internet possible.

VOIP Telephone System Advantages:

The hosted VOIP telephone systems available on 1st-byte’s website are the ones with just advantages and no shortcomings. Every VOIP telephone system available to you has its unique features but in summary, the work of every bit is the same. The office telephone systems VOIP have n number of advantages like the ones described below.

  • Lower Cost: Running a business is not an easy task to do, with many employees whose salaries are dependent on you and the daily bread of the workforce depends on how well the business performs. With a cut down in cost, a lot of money can be saved if saved in the right direction and the right amount. With small business telephone systems VOIP, you will be able to save a lot of cost in the long run as the phone line bill that would come to your doorstep will be zero. The only bill for calling would be for the broadband connection, that as everyone knows is negligible along with internet access.
  • Increased Accessibility: VOIP services are very accessible with support to different devices that are common among all the offices and people working inside the office. Accessibility must be high as it can be a prime factor for deciding between switching to VOIP at a full scale. The cloud-based VOIP services can be of huge use to people who want to make online calls through devices other than their laptops or desktop computers. All of these accessibility increments add up to a better working experience as the service support of the company can even work at home. With cloud-based VOIP services, an employee can just sit at home, take care of their health and also work at the same time.
  • Better Voice Quality: One of the main advantages that any calling service can have is better voice quality. At 1st-byte, we have small business telephone systems VOIP, that can be used to get better voice quality for yourself and for the end-customer who’s hearing the solution that you’re providing to them. HD calls can be made that are better to listen to and more soothing to the ears, unlike the older ones in which a lot of grainy noise could be heard in the background and the communication could not be completed properly.

VOIP Telephone Systems That We Offer:

We at 1st byte believe that every new technology that is acceptable worldwide must be there in your office to increase the quality of your business. For providing the same, we have a lot of solutions to your calling problems, with a diversified portfolio of a wide range of services that we offer.

  • Software And Headset: Among the simple VOIP business telephone systems that we have, the best one is software and a headset. The software is installed on your computer and a headset is given to you that you must wear to receive the call. The software makes calls over the internet and the receiver receives the calls through the internet too. This is a very basic level of services of VOIP business telephone systems, hence if you have a lower budget, consider going for this.
  • Adaptor For Regular Telephones: We install an adaptor over your regular telephone system having an in-line telephone connection. Whenever you make a call, this adaptor makes sure that VOIP is used and the call connects over the internet. This is a simplistic approach to making VOIP possible. If you have a few bucks in your pocket to invest, go for this and you won’t regret it.
  • VOIP Phone: There are VOIP telephone systems for small business that we offer. There is a dedicated unit that is made solely for making VOIP calls and connecting the calls over the internet. Buy this phone as a one-time investment for your new or old office and replace the traditional ones with this newer technology phone.

Why Choose Us?

Internet calling is not just a feature but a requirement in modern businesses. You must have the VOIP telephone systems for small business by 1st-byte installed at your workspace when you are set to grow in the coming time. We provide excellent customer service and all-time high-quality standards, that you won’t get elsewhere. So, waiting for what? Get your VOIP services fulfilled by 1st byte today itself.

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