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ADSL, FTTC Broadband Connectivity

Who doesn’t want a better, faster connection to the internet? Here at 1st Byte we’ve been supplying ADSL broadband, FTTC (fibre) broadband and leased lines for a decade, so we’ve learned a thing or two.

In fact, our engineers are highly experienced in all types of connectivity – and equipped with all the cutting edge hardware and software for getting you back online fast.

Whether you’re looking for a new installation, a state-of-the-art upgrade or someone to find and fix a fault, rest assured we can help. With direct access into Openreach’s systems, we can bring your business the best connectivity at the most competitive prices.

Business Broadband Connection - 1st Byte

What we can
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All our connections have an unlimited download capacity and no profiling restrictions. What that means to your business is the speeds you receive are the very best your lines can support.

Please contact us today to find out how to make sure your business is thriving with the most reliable, cost-effective connectivity in your area.

Variety Of Broadband Connections:

Broadband connections can be divided into many types, ranging from the oldest to the latest level of technology which causes a big difference in internet speeds. The older the technology of internet service, the lower the speed of the network. ADSL is a kind of broadband connection that is older in terms of years of accommodation in the market. On the flip side, FTTC is a newer technology of internet connection that provides more speed to the end user.

ADSL Broadband Connection:

Among the plethora of broadband connections available in the market, with n number of options, there is a common yet old kind of technology of broadband connection known as the ADSL broadband connection. This kind of broadband technology uses copper wires as a medium for transferring information or bits from the source to the destination. These copper wires contain the bits of data that are sent through the sender and the other end where the wire gets connected acts as a receiver of the data that is sent originally. However, the time duration of data flow is high in this broadband technology and better options are available at the 1st-byte website to choose from.

FTTC Broadband Connection:

With all the compromises that come with ADSL broadband connections, there are both limitations and bottlenecks in the performance factor of the network. The ADSL broadband connection is also less reliable due to the delicacy of the copper wires used to transmit data. To cure all of these problems, FTTC broadband connections are available with us that provide much superior performance when it comes to network speeds and the reliability factor of these kinds of broadband networks is very high too. As there are no copper wires involved here, much better and better technology for data transmission, known as the optical fiber is used. In an optical fiber, the data is transmitted from the sender to the receiver in the glass-coated cladding inside the wire in the form of light waves. These light waves travel at the speed of light resulting in a very fast data transfer.

Importance Of High-Speed Data Transfer:

Through 1st-byte, you will get a broadband instant connection installed at your office or the workspace that will make all of your daily-life productivity tasks easier and more efficient by saving the time wasted in the circle stuck in loading the data that gets on the screen after a lot of time due to high latency. Bad network connections are an output of high ping that is there due to lower technology of the installed broadband. A high-speed network connection for high-speed data transfer is important for i=saving some time and utilizing it in the more important tasks. If you have a high-speed broadband connection installed by 1st-byte at your workspace, then you will notice a significant improvement in the business analytics due to saved time and the network being more efficient in delivering timely outputs required by the user at an hour of need. Hence, connect broadband through the high-quality cables provided by 1st byte included in the broadband services that we offer.

Efficient Broadband Connectivity:

Broadband connectivity must be efficient, just like your work. Although, the quality of the network that you have installed at your office and the efficiency of the work that you achieve are both interlinked. If the quality of the network is good, the work will be more efficient, and vice versa. Choosing 1st-byte will leave you with no doubts in the quality of the broadband connection serving you high-speed internet connectivity at your fingertips as we use the highest quality and the newest technology among the competition. Efficient broadband connection with just a single click is what we provide and efficient productivity in the work done is what we thrive for by providing the broadband cable connection that you’d have never seen or experienced before.

No Restrictions In Downloads And Uploads:

The best Broadband Connect is a term used to describe the quality standard of 1st-byte by our dear customers. We are known for providing no caps and limitations on downloads and uploads over the broadband connections we provide to our dear customers. No more worrying about the amount of data that you upload or download while using the internet and use the business broadband connection by 1st-byte to its fullest. Restrictions are bad, for both, the mental peace and the quality of work that you want to achieve. We waved the restrictions to make your work more efficient and kept prices that keep your pockets heavier. Call us today and book yours today.

Why Choose Us?

At 1st-byte, we believe in providing you with the best-quality internet broadband connectivity that makes your work better and gets your business to heights never seen before. Our goal is to provide the newest technologies available in the market to our dear customers and future customers, to always stay up-to-date and be happy with the purchase they make with us. So, stay peaceful while we provide you with a high-speed broadband connection that will transform your office and business life into a speedier one. Why wait? Call us today and get your broadband connection installed in hours.

  • “1st Byte are always professional, helpful and reliable – and on one occasion, arranged for a totally destroyed hard drive’s data to be fully retrieved, saving us a small fortune!”

  • “1st Byte has exceeded our expectations on several occasions – I would highly recommend them and will continue to use the service.”

  • “We look for like-minded companies when working on any project and have been wholly impressed with both your service levels and customer service. The switch-over from all our IT systems from existing suppliers to yourselves was seamless, with everything explained so that even I could understand what was going on! The ongoing support has been fantastic, with any problems sorted out unbelievably quickly.”

  • “I’d like to say a big thank you to you and Tom & your employees for retrieving my precious files. As you know my external hard drive fried, possible caused by a power surge. I’m grateful that your team had the skills & knowledge to be able to strip down the casing of the hard drive and salvage the files. Well done to your team & I must also add that they were extremely accommodating and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your company to anyone in need of IT experts like yourselves. "

  • “ would like to thank you for your help recently when the York Against Cancer hard drive failed. A member of your staff came out identified the problem, lent us a temporary drive and then came back to replace with a brand new hard drive. This could have caused considerable business disruption but because of 1st bytes efficiency York Against Cancer suffered minimal down time. 1st byte always do what they say they’re going to do, on time and professionally."