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Every business needs an effective telephone system.

Even in these times of email and social media there is nothing better than talking to your existing and potential customers. No matter how big or small your company is, you need a phone system that works for you every time.

Do you find that:-

  • Your call volume is growing, and you are unable to add in another phone for someone else to help?
  • Your phone system is outdated and won’t allow you to change your settings?
  • You are paying too much on call charges?
  • You have to be physically sat at your desk to pick up voicemails that have been left for you?
  • You can’t keep track of how many calls you are taking / making each day?

Being able to communicate by phone builds great relationships in your business, but it isn’t always possible to be sat at your desk all day. With a variety of options available 1st Byte get to understand how you want a phone system to work for you and tailor the system to suit with the option of changing it at any time as and when your business requires.

Never miss a call that could change your business – get in touch with us for a chat.

Importance Of Business Telephone Systems:

Have you ever wondered how important it is to get in touch with your clients or the end customers over a call? Simply imagine yourself in a situation, where it is your birthday and people have started emailing you “happy birthday”. There is an abundance of people who email you wishing you happy birthday, but there are only a few who call you. The first one to contact you will have a special place in your heart and you will remember it for a longer time. This is the true power of speaking over phone calls even with your clients. They will feel more connected to you and have a better connection with your company, which is providing their services, just through a simple phone call. The level of intimacy that a phone call holds is very true and personal, and to establish this with the customer, make sure to install the business telephone systems from 1st-byte and use them to get the most benefit out of your efforts in calling the clients.

Business Telephone System:

To understand the importance of a good business telephone system, you have to go back to the world in the 2000s, when the internet had a very limited approach to the audience’s daily lives. People mostly used to take calls and talk on text messages, and sometimes check and use the email service. But most of them used calls and text messages only, as a source of communication with people and clients for businesses. The level of communication that can be done through taking calls and talking over the phone is simply unmatched by any kind of online messaging services such as WhatsApp, Instagram DM, FaceBook Messenger, Telegram, and many more applications that are available for free on the play store and the apple’s app store. For creating an intimate environment and giving a personal touch to the client’s experience, 1st-byte has telephone systems for small businesses in the catalogue of services that we provide.

Telephone Systems For Small Businesses:

Small business requires a lot of reach and hard work in getting in touch with potential clients at an initial level, especially in the case of a new business. Hence, 1st-byte can be a go-to solution for all of your telephone needs for calling your potential customers and getting leads. We provide every kind of service ranging from telephone systems to data analysis for telephone calls that’d give you an idea of how well the call survey process of the business is going. Advanced telephone systems including the ones for switching from one cal to another in just a single tap, and many more advanced features are available to buy as a part of the telephone system for business lineup available on our website.

Advanced Telephone System Features For Remote Work:

Small business telephone system needs to be up-to-date and advanced, according to the new age technologies and requirements for getting the call-up game strong and increasing the client base just through talking to them on calls. Every small business telephone system has features that can be life-changing for you as an employee. These features might include the following advantages.

  • Adding Another Phone Number While On Other Calls: Handling multiple clients on phone is a task in itself that requires a lot of skills and the use of proper technology for letting you work at a constant pace. The small business telephone systems at 1st-byte allow you to connect to different all while being on some other call already. This increases multitasking skills by a high level and allows you to connect to different clients at the same time. This feature generally helps you when your business starts to grow and more clients require a personal touch to their shopping experience.
  • Change The Phone Settings Easily: Managing different calls over the telephone systems for business can be a little bit of a hassle. At the same time, if you want your telephone system for a business to be precise and adjustable, then you might not get an option elsewhere than 1st-byte. We have telephone systems that can be used for changing settings in the machine and moulding it in a way that you like. Making your calling experience better and easier is our motto, and we work for your benefit.
  • Keep Track Of Calls: It might be important for you to know the number of calls received by your telephone system by a particular number. You might think about telephone systems for small business that holds the capacity and ability to track these calls to provide you with benefits for data analysis. Keeping track of the number of times a caller called you can be used for making reverse calls and getting useful data about the caller’s interest in buying products or taking service from your business. Keeping track of calls has never been easier, with 1st-byte’s telephone systems for small businesses.

Business Telephones Systems Available At Cheap Rates:

Your business needs the best quality telephone system, especially from 1st-byte to be more productive and manage happy customers in a better way. For better management of the client base by the business staff and sales force, a good telephone system is essential to have and be installed in the office or the workspace. Services like call recording, call statistics, low-cost line, and call rental are available as a prime service by 1st-byte. Make sure to take advantage of our low rates and the high personal touch provided by us to you as a service.

Why Choose Us?

At 1st-byte, we prefer encouraging talking to the clients over calls and making sure that all of the service takers get the advantage of the personalized experience provided by your business through 1st-byte’s telephone systems. We provide the best-in-class services to our clients and make sure every customer feels connected to your business just like home. So, why wait? When you can call us today and book your advanced telephone business service.

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